October 08 Newsletter

The Transition Network October Newsletter
October 2008 Volume 1 Issue #2


Welcome to my first edition of the Transition Network newsletter as editor. We hope you like the new approach – please send your feedback – and there is another quick survey here to help.



Newsletter Survey Results

Many thanks to everyone who responded to the survey. It was great to see the responses start to come in within moments of the newsletter going out! We had a good number of responses and many useful suggestions which we will try to absorb going forward.

Transition Network Structure Document

Now at last you can read all about Who We Are And What We Do…. As the Transition network has grown, questions have been raised regarding how this emerging movement might structure itself, which this document, co-authored by Rob Hopkins & Peter Lipman, is the first formal attempt at answering.

Cities Conference 08

Transition Cities Conference: a vital event for all urban Transitioners
November 27-28th Nottingham
This is a seminal event, one of key importance to all those active in urban Transition initiatives.

Transition Talk Training

A one day course in how to give an effective talk on Transition
Tuesday 25th November – Bristol

Starhawk: Holding the Vision

Personal and Group Transformation for Transition Towns.
Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th December
A two day workshop following on from Starhawk’s visit to Totnes, Machynlleth and Bristol this summer this training has been developed in response to some of the challenges arising in Transition Towns across the country.


The Transition Googlemap is the place people go to see what’s happening in their neck of the woods and find out who to contact. In the spirit of self-organisation, we’ve opened up these maps for editing by all transitioners, and are encouraging you to make sure there’s a key contact for each of the markers on the map.


With The Transition Handbook fast becoming a best seller, Rob Hopkins is extending an invitation to
participate in the collaborative rewrite of The Transition Handbook.

A Vision From Ambridge

Buffy Davies who plays Jolene Perks in The Archers came to Transition Forest Row as part of a series of Future Visioning events.

New Zealand Celebrates First Year Of Transition

Two videos from New Zealand. One is a short animated slideshow celebrating their first year of Transitioning. The other is the first TV exposure of Transition Towns in New Zealand.

Power Of Cuba

Roberto Perez, he of ‘The Power of Community’ fame toured the UK recently.
A report and link an audio to his talk in Totnes.

Norwich and Brixton – Unleashed!

The ranks of the unleashed has swelled to 5 now with the addition of Norwich and Brixton.
Reports from both events.

Transition Guide to Food

As Transition initiatives have been growing and rippling out across the globe for over two years now, the time feels ripe to begin drawing together stories and experiences occurring across the network.
Tamzin and Rob are embarking on a book entitled The Transition Guide to Food.

If you have food project going it is not (quite) too late to be in it!

50 Mile Meal Award

In the birthplace of Transition Towns, Kinsale recently hosted a local food awards event.

Gardening in Totnes

A Community Food and Wellbeing Garden Project (CFWG) in Totnes aims to involve the local community in a practical solution to integrating local food production, well-being, horticulture and re-skilling.

Waltham Forest takes its first steps

Mullers on the edge of Epping Forest in east London held a lively first public meeting on Saturday 25th October.


Next Newsletter

So that we can best share what is going on around the world in Transition we need your news!

Next Edition 28th November 2008
Content Submission Deadline Wednesday 26th November



Editor: Mike Grenville
Contact: transitionnews@there.is

01342 825169



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