May 2009 Newsletter

Transition Network Newsletter – May 2009


  • An EDAP Is Born
  • The Movie
  • REVIEW: Surviving and Thriving on the Land


  • Welsh Transitioners get together…
  • Nut Tree Capital Digs In


  • Jumpstarting the Transition to a Better Economy
  • An Economics Addition to ‘The Transition Handbook’
  • Nigel’s Eco Store Offers Transition Discounts


  • The Transition Work That Reconnects
  • Launching Transition Learning Connections
  • Crossing a Threshold
  • Transforming the Future
  • A Transition Training Day with Somerset County Council
  • Big Green Gathering
  • Transition Conference Update

  • In The News
  • Quote of the month

An EDAP Is Born

Two years after the group was formed, Transition Forest Row has just published its first version of an EDAP. Subtitled ‘a community work in progress’ it is a combination of storytelling, cartoons, drawings and practical steps to an oil-free 2030.

The Movie

In its final production stages, producer Emma Goude gives us an update on the film that will be previewed at the Transition Conference (and hopefully streamed online).

REVIEW: Surviving and Thriving on the Land

What Can Transition Initiatives Learn from Smallholders?

Rebecca Laughton, author of the newly published ‘Surviving and Thriving on the Land’ (Green Books), has written the following article exclusively for Transition, about what lessons Transition initiatives might learn from the smallholding community. It draws from the book, which is based on extensive research and interviews with people in a broad range of intentional communities and smallholdings.


Welsh Transitioners get together…

The Hay Festival at the end of May will be the venue for a gathering of Welsh Transitioners as well as running a number of talks around Transition related topics.

Nut Tree Capital Digs In

Having claimed Totnes as ‘The Nut Tree Capital of Britain’ in 2007, it was rather important that some trees were actually planted. Wendy Stayte reports on the nut tree plantings taking place and the work to look after them.


Jumpstarting the Transition to a Better Economy

In the quest for economic growth, the nations of the world are locked in a tragic competition for the planet’s remaining natural capital. Rob Dietz from the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy proposes the steady state economy as a desirable alternative to continued growth.

An Economics Addition to ‘The Transition Handbook

The Dutch edition of the Transition Handbook has now been published and you can download pdfs of the chapters. The story of how it was translated is great; 50 people across the region who wanted a Dutch version came together and translated it collaboratively. At the last minute, they wondered if it might be possible to include a short new section about economics, so as to make it more up to date. Here it is…

Nigel’s Eco Store Offers Transition Discounts

Anyone involved in transition can get 15% off all purchases (except lawn-mowers!) at Nigel’s Eco Store.


The Transition Work That Reconnects

A group facilitators of the Joanna Macy’s Work That Reconnects met in April in London. Over half of the participants were involved with Transition Initiatives. One of the outcomes was a networking website for Transition Heart & Soul groups. Dhearbhaile Bradley reports on what happened on the weekend.

Launching Transition Learning Connections

How do you find the people and skills to make your project outrageously successful? Transition Training is delighted to announce the launch of an online pilot called ‘Transition Learning Connections’ to connect people who want to learn transition skills with those in the network with want to teach them.

Crossing a Threshold

A week of Transition Tales started out with Sandra White wondering if she is in the landscape or was a real part of it herself. Sandra tells the tale of a course that took place at Emerson College in Forest Row.

Transforming the Future

A sustainable design project to work in a Transition community with real projects and to examine the role of design education took place in Totnes at the begining of April with a group of designers and artists from several universities. The group shared a common belief that while design can’t change the world, it can be part of a world that is changing.

A Transition Training Day with Somerset County Council

It is a few months now since Somerset County Council (SCC) unanimously passed their resolution to become a Transition Local Authority. At the begining of April, Transition Trainers Sophy and Naresh along with Rob ran a Transition workshop for senior management from Somerset County Council. Rob Hopkins reports on how it went.


Although the Transition Network Conference in May is fully booked, there are lots of trainings before and after the conference open to both conference attendees and others, as well as two public events on Friday and Saturday night. Both public events are free for Conference attendees, and only £10 for everyone else.

The 2 Hour EDAP

Friday 22nd May 7.30pm

The largest Energy Descent Action Plan EVER for Transition Towns Anywhere in 2 HOURS

A Dynamic Immersion in the Transition Concept

Saturday 23rd May 7.30pm

With Rob Hopkins, David Strahan, (author of ‘The Last Oil Shock’), Dr. Stephan Harding of Schumacher College, and eco-psychologist Mary-Jayne Rust will look at the inner aspects of Transition.

Details on these two events:

Open Mic Mike

Saturday Night

There will be an open mic evening of entertainment with some surprises with a bar open till late. There will be a chance to sign up at the event but it would help to know in advance if you have a song, a jig, a rhyme or a tease you would like to share. Short acts please to fit as many in as we can. Please send me an email with a few details to

Pre- and Post- Conference Training

There is a long list on offer that includes Introduction to Permaculture, Transition Training, Teachers Telling Transition Tales Training, Community Supported Agriculture, Creating outrageously successful projects, Constellations, Economics Crash Course and more.
The full list, details and how to book here


July 29th – 2nd August 2009

After nearly falling off the festival map last year, the Big Green gathering is back this summer. We have been offered our own space this time to run a series of talks and workshops. Does anyone have a marquee we can use? Workshop facilitators (may) get a free ticket. Please get in touch if you would like to be involved and help organise this:


Lots of good press this month including big pieces in the New York Times Magazine, Do Worry Be Happy in Elle magazine and The Sunday Times – Why we forgot how to grow food. Plus many others including: Transition Forres gets digging; The Lewes Pounds goes for expansion; A big piece on Transition from one of Brazil’s biggest daily papers (in Portugese). Links to these and lots more news stories here:

Quote Of The Month

Peak oil is something on which there is disagreement from the experts“.

Ed Milliband, Minister for Energy and Climate Change

This Newsletter Edited by Mike Grenville


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  1. Hi,
    I am living in Ashford Wicklow and interested in getting involved in transition towns. I am presently studying at CAT (ceter for alternative technology) in Wales and hope I could make a contribution as it sounds like a good group.



  2. I want our members (transitionDerbyUK)to subscribe to this to help their awareness of theirplace in the transition movement

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