In The News

Some of the articles about Transition Initiatives in the news media.


  1. The Times (UK) November 17, 2008

    Transition: gearing up for the great power-down

    Climate change is upon us and the oil is running out. Is mankind’s darkest hour really approaching? If so, a growing army of local heroes is determined to turn it into our finest.

  2. The Christian Science Monitor – September 11, 2008

    Communities plan for a low-energy future

    ‘Transition initiatives,’ begun in Britain, aim to empower people to tackle effects of climate change and decline of oil.

  3. The Guardian, Saturday November 1 2008

    Lewes Pound – sparkler or damp squib?
    The town best-known for its over-the-top bonfire night celebrations made another bang when it launched its own currency

  4. Daily Telegraph – 30 Jun 2008

    ‘The Archers’ brings the idea of a self-sufficient community to the fore

    As ‘The Archers’ brings to the fore the idea of a self-sufficient community, Rowena Mason asks whether this new movement is the product of panic or a common-sense solution.'The-Archers'-brings-the-idea-of-a-self-sufficient-community-to-the-fore.html

  5. Great to see a mainstream news programme giving out the dates of upcoming Transition group meetings is quite something!!

    In Boulder Colorado CBS4’s Molly Hughes spent the day with the co-initiator of Transition Boulder.

    Little Steps Add Up With Transition Movement

    Transition Colorado

  6. Chepstow making transition to green town

    A CHEPSTOW community action group which is trying to make the town more sustainable in the battle against climate change is celebrating the success of its first year.

    Transition Chepstow will celebrate its first year with a presentation by the founder of the Transition movement, Rob Hopkins, at the Drill Hall in Chepstow on Wednesday, February 25.

  7. New York Times Magazine: Green Issue April 19, 2009
    The End Is Near! (Yay!) by Jon Mooallem

    Elle magazine May 1, 2009
    Do Worry Be Happy by Lisa Chase,
    Looks at the psychology of Transition, and is a piece based on the journalist’s immersing herself in Transition.

    Common Ground magazine April 2009
    Life After Oil

    Why we forgot how to grow food
    The Sunday Times April 19, 2009
    An article by old friend of Transition and Transition Belsize activist John Paul Flintoff. It is described as a rip-roaring stomp through John-Paul’s allotment, cycling round Brixton with Duncan Law looking for windfalls, and getting his neighbours gardening, it somehow captures the spirit of Transition.

  8. Transition Kirkbymoorside make the news


    The Lewes Pounds goes for expansion

    Town Councillor Philip Vial gets ready for the first meeting of Transition Shipston-on-Stour

    Transition Town Tooting have an exciting encounter over supper

    Kamil from Transition Westcliffe-on-Sea turns his hand to greening the hospital where he works

    Great little film from Transition Westcliffe

    In depth piece about Transition Boulder

    The first meeting of Transition Brockley (London)

    Transition Town Middleton (Ireland) look forward to 2030

    The first East Anglia Transition gathering

    If I’m ever in Inishowen (sounds like the first line of a song), looks like I won’t be short of an invite to supper…

    Transition Sebastopol start mapping

    Transition Town Farnham go official!!

    A big piece on Transition from one of Brazil’s biggest daily papers (for Portugese readers only…)

    Hay on Wye Transition Town get active on waste

  9. The Transition Initiative: Changing the scale of change
    by Jay Griffiths
    Published in the July/August 2009 issue of Orion magazine

  10. Life or Death Decision

    While peak-oil activists foment panic, the ‘Transition’ movement sees a graceful evolution back to the Stone Age

  11. Norriture, energie: ces villes en quete d’autosufficance

    A TV report by TF1 about Transition and Lewes in particular

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