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This is the old website for the Transition Network monthly newsletter.
It has now moved to http://www.transitionnetwork.org/

To submit content contact Mike Grenville:
01342 825169

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to the Transition Network monthly Newsletter


  1. Great newsletter- many thanks. I am helping to produce a newsletter for Transition Glastonbury 0n a quarterly basis – next one out Dec 1st… and would like to include abit on network news- so this will be a good source of information. I will also put the URL in so people can subscribe.

    Warm regards

  2. Thank you for the newsletter it is always good to read what others are up too. We are creating a discussion group that will encompass the regional groups in West Wales. I have put the newsletter on our site. I would appreciate a mention in the next newsletter.


    Thank you for your time

    p.s. any information on future training would be great.

  3. To get mentioned in the newsletter you need to write and send in some newsworthy news to transitionnetworknews@googlemail.com

    01342 825169

  4. I would be interested in any news you may receive about the transition process for young adults with special needs for the Progress magazine I edit. Thanks.

  5. the horrid colors in your email (yellow type on a green background) make it impossible to read.

  6. […] December 14, 2009 by Andrew Reeves Here’s a few choice pickings from the December Transition Network Newsletter – including a new role working to promote diversity in Transition Initiatives and news that the Transition film “In Transition” is available on DVD and to watch free online. To signup to the Transition Network newsletter, visit: https://transitionnetworknews.wordpress.com/about/ […]

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