Posted by: Mike Grenville | 10 February 2010

Transition Training and Consulting

An update from Naresh on various Transition Training projects:

We are running another train the trainers in Holland for burgeoning Transition Initiatives particularly in Europe and but also other countries worldwide. This will enable us to conduct training in people’s native language, make the training we do as low carbon as possible, and increase the diversity of Transition (and training) as Transition takes on different flavours and ingredients, as it emerges across the globe. We have set up a hybrid model for our training function; both self organising and initiating from a centre loosely controlled (sometimes too much for some and not enough for others) but also allowed to morph and grow.

This means we have a training community in each country that holds the core trainings in Transition, able to deliver high quality and training directed at enabling the Transition model and practice to happen well and quickly in communities and organisations (in so far as it is happening). We now have communities of trainers in the UK (including Scotland), USA and Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Ireland, Italy, Holland, and China who can fulfil the demand for trainings in their countries.

Apart from delivering the 2 day training there are many other ways we have for trainers to get involved. We are piloting Transition Learning Connections with the School of Everything where trainers can offer their skills and experience and learners can access the training they need. See

We are also creating new trainings for organisations. Fiona Ward recently ran an Energy Resilience Assessment (ERA) training. ERA is a practical method for companies and organisations to assess their vulnerability to energy costs which can set them on the first step towards building resilience in that area. This has set up another pool of trainers who are competent to deliver this work mainly to businesses and organisations. The other tools we are developing for organisations are in the pilot phase but will be available shortly.

Nick Osborne has created our Weaving Magic course that is designed as an overview of the skills needed to run successful groups. We are discussing how to make this more widely available both in the UK and abroad. Julie Richardson is among a group exploring Transition Universities in partnership with universities and further education colleges looking at how to create the skills necessary for the 21st century and the continuing challenges we will be facing. Transition Tales are another group who have been doing magnificent work on how to bring the ideas about resource scarcity and climate change into secondary schools in ways that are fun, interactive, and compelling.

If you are interested in any of the above contact:

Transition Training and consulting for individuals, weaving magic, and school of everything.
Naresh Giangrande,

Transition Training and Consulting for Organisations
Fiona Ward

Transition Universities
Julie Richardson

Transition Tales
Steph Bradley


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