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Would you like to co-create some Transition Tales? WynnAlice aka Transition Network’s Steph Bradley, invites you to join her this spring and summer on a journey around the UK.

A Transition Tale

Once, upon our times, in a town that was not too big and not too small, where Rob of Great Renown has settled to share his vision of a transition future, there lived a storyteller who decided she wanted to create a collection of Transition Tales.

To co-create these tales she would walk out of the town that was not too big and not too small, at around the time of the Spring Equinox, to visit 13 other places, use her storytelling to work with the inhabitants to create the tale of their town, village or city, neighbourhood, school, university, or estate, and return home to harvest a book of tales at the time of the Autumn Equinox.

So the wise networker of all networkers Ben White Raven caused it to happen that folk far and wide knew of the journey she would make. And Rob of the Great Renown caused her to be presented with a mysterious non edible blackberry, saying it would come in handy one day.

And she planned to meet the good folk of Scotland for a transition gathering at the Appleby fair at the Summer Solstice and to skirt the border of Wales to share a Lammas feast with Welsh transitioners.

Now to complete this task she had to ask for some help. What she needed were kindly transition hosts around the land to provide a place to rest her head each night, a quiet corner with a table at which she could work, and a storytelling place of local renown in which she could share her craft and co-create a tale of the place. She also caused it to be known that she would eat only that which was local, seasonal, and caused no harm to any.

And as news of the journey spread the thirteen kindly hosts gathered folk to greet the storyteller as she entered their region, to help co–create their tale. They gathered those folk along the way who had a story to tell too, And then news got out from whence she would come, on foot, accompanied by those companions who shared her love of feet on the ground and a good story. And soon there was a merry band enjoying the peace and quiet of the green lanes that once had linked all our settlements together before the coming of the large heavy noisy metal boxes that now carried goods and people far and wide, and who, in exchange, guzzled oil and spewed out noxious breath.

And as Transition Tales arrived at each of the 13 places, some local people made a donation to help pay for the hire of the venue. And as Transition Tales left, they took with them a gift of the town made by a local craftsperson to present to the winner of the donations raffle of the next place that hosted them.

And so it was that the storyteller set out not only to gather the tales of 13 transition places, but also to hear the tales of the herbalists, crafts folk, storytellers young and old that she met along the way. And in doing so, she helped re-open more of the ways that once connected us to our neighbours and our lands

Wynn Alice hoped that in the collecting of the tales more people would become storytellers, more tales would be created, and Transition Tales would be told in all the places of the land.

And what happened next would be another tale for another time.

If you would like to get involved in the Transition Tales 2010 Quest see “How to get Involved” below.

Or Contact

WynnAlice would like to follow the following (still provisional) route and will collaborate in a local storytelling event in 13 places. She is also very happy to tell and co-create stories with any schools and community centres along the way.

Stage Start date Storytelling Venue Approximate arrival
1 Totnes to Southampton 29 March Southampton 17-20 April
2 Southampton to Forest Row 21 Apr Forest Row 29thApr-2nd May
3 Forest Row to Cambridge 3 May Cambridge 17-20 May
4 Cambridge to Nottingham 21 May Nottingham 28-31 May
5 Nottingham to York 1 June York 8-11 June
6 York to Appleby 12 June Appleby (meet Scotland walkers) 20-23 June
7 Appleby to Kendal 24 June Kendal 27-30 June
8 Kendal to Wigan 1 July Wigan 9-12 July
9 Wigan to Wolverhampton 13 July Wolverhampton 21-24 July
10 Wolverhampton to Hay on Wye 25 July Hay on Wye (meet Wales walkers) 2-5 August
11 Hay on Wye to Bradford on Avon 6 Aug Bradford on Avon 16-19 August
12 Bradford on Avon to Embercombe 20 Aug Embercombe Storytelling Festival 27-30 August
13 Embercombe to Lostwithiel 31 Aug Lostwithiel 7-10 September
Leave Lostwithiel 11 Sept Return to Totnes 23 Sept

How To Get Involved

  • Join me on the walk for anything from 5 minutes, to the whole 6 month walk
  • Arrange to share your tale of transition. Help create our record of Transition Tales by being interviewed or doing an interview as you walk.
  • Join the walk at any time and sing and play music with us as you walk
  • Host the storyteller for the night and share transition tales (sponsor/provide B&B and an evening meal)
  • Organise group camping for any that walk an extended stretch
  • Sponsor/provide a healthy local lunch for the walkers
  • Sponsor/provide a good walker’s rucksack and water bottle
  • Help plan a stretch of the journey (anyone who lives in the regions we’re passing through who has good local knowledge of green lanes, local craftspeople, local writers and storytellers)
  • Liaise between transition tales and your local media (local radio, TV station, newspaper)
  • Organise the storytelling event in one of the 13 locations.
  • Sponsor/provide a venue for the storytelling event
  • Suggest a local storyteller to greet the walkers at one of the 13 locations, collaborate at the event, and become the guardian of the story for your town
  • Advertise the event in your region (walk and local event)
  • Organise/host a storytelling workshop in your school, university, community centre
  • Help record the transition tale created at your local event (film, record, scribe)
  • Sponsor/organise/provide internet connection in your locality to enable the walkers’ progress to be publicized
  • Record (film, record, scribe, photograph, draw, paint) your experience of the transition tales walk so we can share it on the website.
  • help create a piece of traditional typical craftsmanship of your town to gift to a neighbouring place
  • Organise someone/a group to greet and accompany Transition Tales as they arrive on the outskirt of your neighbourhood
  • Spread the word
  • Get in touch with your ideas!

Contact Wynn Alice here – Steph Bradley


  1. I will do everything I can to support you in this venture Steph. Specific help accessing Quaker network. Lots of love. Sally

  2. Wynn Alice will become a legend!
    If anyone else wants to join me in helping Steph fund the Quest please visit our Quest Funding site

    Cheers and good speed!!

    Funding & Data Lead, Transition Network

  3. Steph, I will happily host and help you in Forest Row. I hope we can arrange some Transition Tales training and story gathering while you are here.

    Best regards

    Charlene Collison
    mobile 07973 933008

  4. I am in Steyning, along the South Downs way. I can offer you a bed and board for the night, possibly a local woodcraft folk children group to listen to/ contribute stories, ideally on a Thursday evening; or if on a weekend possibly we could join you in some of the walking.

  5. Go Wynn Alice!

    You’d be welcome to stop off on the Wirral, but it’s a little out of your way. A friend lives near Warrington (on route between Wigan and Wolverhampton) may be able to put you up. He also runs Health Walks with Natural England! Would be great to meet you as you pass though.
    Good luck
    Neil Chadborn

  6. Hi Sarah,
    I’d love to take you up on your offer – I’d get to Steyning on the 25th April, walking from Arundel. I;d need to leave next day but only as far as Shoreham I think – got to be in Lewes by the 27th.
    The 25th is a Sunday – so unfortunately it isnt going to work for thr Thurs evening – be marvellou sthough if any woodcraft folk & children wanted to walk a while?
    My email is or you can call on 01803 849094. Or I can call you if you let me have a number.

  7. Hi Neil,
    Fancy meeting you here!!!!
    Will be arriving in Warrington 13 July
    love to stay with your friend if you can put us in touch
    and be great if you came and walked, or at least to meet me, and shared the Wirral’s latest tales…

  8. Hospitality may be available on the Tarka Trail in heart of Devon. Please contact in advance.

  9. Hi Just heard about th quest via Exmouth and Sidmouth groups. What a wonderful thing to be doing. Sustainable Seaton does hope to be involved, and we are discussing with the other local groups. Happy walking and happy stories everywhere!

  10. only just heard about Exeter visit … and I was in Exeter all 3 days would have loved to have known!! .. though guess shouldn’t be greedy .. c u in August!!

    Somebody back in the office able to to put a Google map up of where and when

    Feel free to have someone use the Creative Community Devon ( to keep local people in touch. (Cliona, or someone, add a Transition tales as a member maybe?)

    or none of this….!?!

    love and warmth

  11. Hey Up Steph

    How’s it going do far? Hope the feet are OK and the skies are always sunny. It’s all just one step after the other. Love you loads

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  13. […] Steph Bradley, who’s been involved in developing the Transition Tales project, is going on a six month walk from Totnes, in quest of sharing and collecting these stories. Her journey starts in April and will take her through Southampton, Forest Row, Cambridge, Nottingham, York, Appleby, Kendal, Wigan, Wolverhampton, Hay on Wye, Bradford on Avon, Embercombe, Lostwithiel. She is inviting people to walk with her, even for short stretches. To find out more, see […]

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