Posted by: Mike Grenville | 21 January 2010

The 2010 Transition Network conference

The 2010 Transition Network conference will be held in Forest Row in Sussex on the 29th, 30th and 31st May. The theme of the conference will be ‘Broadening’, taking the Transition approach wider and deeper.

It will be held in the beautiful grounds of Michael Hall school – a Steiner Waldorf school.

Forest Row is one of the earliest UK Transition initiatives and will offer a variety of accommodation styles including camping. More information, such as times, accommodation, prices, how to book and so on, will be made available soon.

Forest Row is on the edge of the Ashdown Forest. Not only is this the largest free public access space in the South East but it is home to Pooh Bear! The places mentioned in the books such as the Pooh Sticks bridge, the Enchanted Clump and Eyeore’s Sad and Gloomy Place are all real places you can visit. Another famous ex-resident of Forest Row was Prime Minister Harold Macmillan who was visited by US president J.F. Kennedy in June 1963, less than four months before he was assassinated.

The Forest Way runs through the village, which connected to the Worth Way is about 20 miles of cycle track along the old railway line between Three Bridges and Tunbridge Wells, a part of Sustrans cycle Route 21 you can download cycle maps here.

Already the storytellers, cyclists, community farms, award winning Film Society and others in the Transition Forest Row community have already started thinking about what we can offer as part of the event. We look forward to welcoming you here.



  1. Hi, I would be interested in attending and possibly presenting but cannot see any way on the site to register.
    Dave Spear
    07917 783947

  2. Hi Mike,

    this is great news, I’d like to attend this conference, pl keep me up to date.
    I’m coordinating the Energy Group of Transition Town Southampton and also wanted to ask whether it would be possible to organise a workshop on renewable energy, particularly on community financed renewable energy schemes. I have a few contacts to Germany as well and could look into inviting one or two people from there who could brief us on how things work there.
    If that sounds interesting to you pl contact me by email or phone (day time: 023 8059 7547).

    Many thanks

  3. Excellent place for a moot, especially if you have camping facilities.
    Last year we suggested we could have a programme for children/young people. I won’t be able to arrange it this year as I have started a new project but I hope it won’t be forgotten and maybe a group of young people can help prepare it?

  4. booking is not open for this conference yet.

  5. Hi Mike. I have written a book – Turning the Tides – about renewable energy – particularly about under sea turbines using tidal power. – Set in the future but entirely possible. see my website for further details. Would I be able to have a stand at your conference to sell this book – at a reduced rate per copy from that advertised. Allen

  6. Any facilities for people who for one reason or another cannot camp?

  7. camping will be one option but there will be others – details to be announced later

  8. Dear Mike,
    I am the youth co-ordinator for Transition Stroud
    Following on from what Helen Royalls response I would be up for helping /prepare and take part in some sort of programme for the young people as I am 14 myself. If anything along those lines would be able to take place please get back to me if this would interest you. My Email is

  9. Fantastic news that the conference is happening in your transition area Mike. The Transition gathering was so inspiring!Look forward to joining you. Keep me posted- oh and Happy New Year!
    Rebecca x

  10. Hi. I look forward to hearing more, and hope to join you. I would be particularly interested in hearing/exploring how the Heart & Soul dimension can be woven in to support the objective of deepening the Transition approach. I would be up for contributing in this area if I can offer anything. Liz (Norwich)

  11. Hi Mike

    Would it be an idea to run the Flipside eco bookstall on one of the days? I’ve been doing this at all sorts of awareness-raising green Events including our Transition film screenings in Leytonstone.

    Over to you,

  12. How about a band? Can send a CD and photos if helpful – Our first CD “Reduced to Clear” includes songs about greed, shopping, bad moods and the insubstantiality of the self….??

  13. Hi, all. Great to see all the questions/offers/interest about the Conference showing up here!

    Can you all please direct your responses to so the conference organisers can respond to you? We aren’t monitoring this forum at the moment.

    Thanks so much,
    Kristin Sponsler
    Transition Network Conference team

  14. Sounds great… I love the atmosphere of the Michael Hall school…
    Perhaps we could organise a Transition Trek in the area to link up with all local transition initiatives?
    As you know a series of walks were introduced in the beautiful countryside around Lewes earlier this year and have proved to be a wonderful way of connecting with new transition people…

  15. hi Mike
    When can we register for the Transition Network conference in may?

  16. We’ll know the date when registrations soon – a few details still need to be sorted before we can open it

  17. Hello
    We’re working on a pretty exciting project now

    And we will be documenting the subjective map workshop along with the community engagement work we are upto, might be able to deliver a presentation on the whole project if your up for it?


  18. Hi Mike,
    Nice to see you are still in the middle of the transition movement. Here in Ibiza, we’re just beginning with the idea and so far find everyone very happy to join in the ‘Ibiza transition island’ concept.
    Obviously I won’t be flying over to the UK for the conference, but I would like to hear all about it and join in at a distance if possible. Perhaps we can even organise a similar conference for our island residents and politicians, so would greatly appreciate any information which might help.

    Warm regards from Casita Verde

  19. Dear all,

    Sounds great and I wish you great success; wish I could be there myself!

    However I also wish that the promotion of this site could be a bit more inclusive for initiatives outside of the UK? Seems like the whole planet reads this site, judging on the cluster map on first page….

    In particular I think of the event which the large ecovillage of Sieben Linden in Germany plans: “European Transition Town Conference”. It will happen from wednesday, may 19 to monday, may 24, 2010 , and as far as I can see is only promoted here:

    I’m not part of the planners, and won’t be able to join, but I do know the place vouch for an excellent event, and it’s a lot easier for many folks to get to than …eh…..some islands off the coast of Europe :o)


  20. The Soil Association’s CSA team (part of Making Local Food Work) would love to contribute something to this conference. With Tablehurst & Plaw Hatch and other CSAs not a million miles away we would love to hold a CSA workshop and induct people into the joys of Organic Buying Groups. Other partners in Making Local Food Work and other SA departments might also be interested in offering things. Who is the best person to contact about feeding in?

    Bonnie (0117 914 2430)

  21. Hope the conference goes well, but unfortunately it clashes with the “Dark Mountain” project conference in Wales…

  22. Transition Network conference 2010 seeks venue: pop those thinking caps on….

    As the Scottish poet/bard Robert Burns put it, “the best-laid schemes o’ mice an ‘men gang aft agley“. The 2010 Transition Network conference had been planned to take place near Forest Row in Sussex on the 29th-31st May 2010. It was all going so well. Then the news reached us that Emerson College, which was to have provided the bulk of the accommodation the event required, has gone into recievership, and will no longer be available. So, with little more than a couple of months remaining, our plans have indeed, as Burns put it “gang agley”. So, we’d love to invite any suggestions or brainwaves you folks might have for an alternative venue. Here are the criteria for what we need;

  23. […] 2010 Transition Network conference will be held in Forest Row in Sussex on the 29th, 30th and 31st […]

  24. Hi Mike,

    Very interested in attending the conference but can’t seem to find any more information other then what is here. Can you provide me with some info on how to register to come etc.


  25. the 2010 Transition Network UK conference will be held at Seale Hayne, (an old agricultural college in Devon), just outside Newton Abbott, over the weekend of 12 to 13-June.

    Details here

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