Posted by: Mike Grenville | 21 January 2010

Googlemap of Transition Presenters

There’s a constant stream of requests by Transition Initiatives for speakers about transition matters and other areas such as renewables, composting, economics. If you’re reasonably adept at presenting, are involved in your local transition group and would like to support other groups in this way, it would be truly wonderful if you could add yourself to the Googlemap of transition presenters

The map is here: or more usable:

This map is currently has only entries in the UK, but it could serve globally.

Instructions on how to do it are here

Thanks in anticipation.

Ben Brangwyn



  1. Hi, Ben –

    I tried to add myself as a presenter to help kick off representation in the US, but there must be something I’m missing because I saw neither an edit button nor a marker tool. I do have a Google account and I was signed in. What’s your analysis of what went wrong?


  2. I have the same problem, but I get an “edit” button for the “mullers” google map – so I am assuming that external editing of the “presenters map” has been switched off, or else the google map gremlins have gone into overdrive (I used different computers, different browsers on the computers, etc.)

  3. I have the same experience as Wendy and John. I am signed in but the edit icon does not appear.

  4. I’ve sorted out the problem. I thought I’d made it editable by anyone, but hadn’t. You should see the “edit” button now.

    Thanks for stepping up and sorry for putting a gremlin in your way.

    Cheers. Ben.

  5. ben would you please add me to the map in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, a bit west of Toronto? as no way for me to add myself comes up, either. thanks.

  6. Hi Ben,
    I don’t have time to figure out how to add myself. Please add me to the Washington DC, US Mid-Atlantic Region. I’m convener of TransitionDC. I’ve done introductory presentations that have led to Transition initiatives in Takoma, Greenbelt, Bethesda and Baltimore in Maryland, and Brookland in DC. I currently have three different presentations, a long and a short one on Transition and one on local currency.

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