Posted by: Mike Grenville | 21 January 2010

Danish & Spanish Primers

“Grundbog for overgangsinitiativer” and Compendio De Iniciativas De Transicion … We now have Danish and Spanish translations of the Transition Initiatives Primer.

“Grundbog for overgangsinitiativer” now available

We now have a Danish version of the Transition Initiatives Primer, expertly translated by Martin Burlund, Fria Gemynthe, Sol-Britt Lærkesang, Johannes Lund, Mikael Lyshede, Mads Ville Markussen, Poul Erik Pedersen and Peter Steens – thanks so much for this valuable piece of work.

For those who can speak Danish, here’s the title text:
“Grundbog for overgangsinitiativer – hvordan man skaber en overgangslandsby, storby, kommune, et lokalsamfund eller ligefrem en ø”

Transition is kicking off over in Denmark right now with the first “official” initiative being Syltemae. Additionally, there are several people currently stepping into the role of helping coordinate transition efforts there, and they did a wonderful job of getting transition-related workshops and presence at the KlimaForum in Copenhagen running parallel with COP15; Erik, Pouline and Niels – good job

Compendio De Iniciativas De Transicion now available

You can now download a Spanish translation of the Transition Initiatives Primer.

“Este documento provee una visión general de estas iniciativas para hacer la Transición a un futuro de menor energía y mayores niveles de resiliencia comunitaria.”

Thanks to Rob Mooser y Alvaro Monzón for this work.

We also have other Spanish language materials on this site


  1. When at the conference last summer, Spanish delegates described the difficulties of using the word ‘Transicion’ – a word extremely politically loaded for them [see I think it’s important to poll as many Spanish people (of different ages etc) as possible to judge how wise this title/use is…

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