Posted by: Mike Grenville | 21 January 2010

Videos: Money, Food & Peak Oil

Some excellent online videos about the Lewes Pound, 100 Years Of Food, Transition Calgary and a compelling, hard nosed peak oil, economics and carbon pricing talk by economist Jeff Rubin.

100 Years Of Food
A video about 101 year old Forest Row resident and how food has changed over the years. Video shot and produced by Tor Bridges.

TT Lewes and Lewes Pound
An excellent 15 mins presentation by Oliver Dudok van Heel of Transition Town Lewes, covering the outlines of transition and also the Lewes Pound

Transition Calgary
This video offers some examples of Calgary initiatives that support the Transition Town movement. Selected from the Hillhurst-Sunnyside Community, this video shows complementary currency, cooperative housing, urban orchards, carsharing, and cultural events.

Hard nosed peak oil, economics and carbon pricing
Jeff Rubin, the former Chief Economist of CIBC World Markets and the author of Why Your World Is About To Get A Whole Lot Smaller built his reputation as one of Canada’s top economists based on a number of successful predictions including the housing bust of the early 90s and the rise of oil prices.

Here, he discusses the pendulum swinging away from globalization (started doing so in 2007), a movement towards local sourcing and a need for massive scaling up of energy efficiency. He argues for the unavoidability of relocalization and the logic of transitioning away from our fossil fuel addictions.

He’s the guy who’ll make the industrialists sit up and take notice – and probably you too!

Why Transition?
A video by Ben Zolno that outlines the energy uncertainty imperative of “Why Transition”, highlighting some of the ways communities in the USA are working to relocalize and increase their resiliency including addressing food, energy, transportation and more.

Transition Vermont
The community in Vermont were asked by Transition Town Manchester to look ahead to the year 2020 and tell them what they would like to see for a sustainable future.

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