Posted by: Mike Grenville | 11 January 2010

Bringing Diversity to Transition

The strategic work to bring diversity into Transition in the UK has now begun. APE (Artists Planet Earth) has awarded funding to the Transition Network to pay for a years-worth of engagement across all sectors of our communities to include in particular people in low income, Black, Minority and Ethnic (BME) and faith groups.

Isabel Carlisle reports on the project and puts a call out for examples of existing good practice and potential pilot studies.

Transition Network believes that diversity and social justice are key to resilience and that one of the next important steps for transition is to connect with and learn from diverse groups within UK society. I am starting off the groundwork for the project, which includes mapping examples of existing good practice, identifying need for training in community engagement, and networking a core body of people and organizations who are engaged in bringing the diversity and sustainability agendas together.

If you belong to a Transition group that has experience in this area, or that is struggling to make this kind of engagement happen, I would like to hear from you. We are looking at the possibility of nominating up to 10 pilot studies that focus on either good practice or on need. You need to be a registered Transition group to qualify. At the moment we are collecting expressions of interest only.

Also, if you know of recent published reports or projects happening outside Transition but also focusing on this area, please let me know: I am compiling an overview of what is happening on the ground. We are also aware that there a number of academic studies of Transition and Diversity getting under way, which we would of course like to link up with.

Many thanks

Isabel Carlisle

phone 07775566648



  1. Hi Isabel,
    Yes I’m interested to at least network for mutual learning and project improvement, to help bring minority and disadvantaged & faith (etc) groups into TT benefits.

    I am Co-ordinator of “Sustaining Our Suburbs” (SOS) a funded project for a similar spectrum of such groups, (good coincidence) in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie area (also called the Hunter Valley) in New South Wales, Australia, on behalf of project partners Permaculture Hunter Region (PHR) and the Uniting Church here.
    PHR is very much part of the registered Transition Town Newcastle – we have a joint web site and shared leadership between separate committees (it works).
    SOS does not yet have a web site.

    By separate email, I’ll send you a power point summary presentation of the project’s current progress and a couple of project reports.
    congratulations on your new and vitally important task.

    regards, Tom Toogood

  2. Hello Isabel, may this message find you well. I’m on Steering Group of ‘Faith & Climate Change’ project (, helping communities of faith ‘go green’ by encouraging them to reflect on their faith teachings as regards the environment/ Creation care and take action in their place of worship and increase awareness amongst congregation. Let me know if there’s anything I could help you with in getting more people of faith involved in TT. In peace, Rianne

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