Posted by: Mike Grenville | 7 January 2010

The Transition South East Conference

The Transition South East Conference
Saturday 13 March 2010

Transition group at TT network conference 2009
You are warmly invited to the The Transition South East Conference. Make space in your diaries for a unique chance to get together for a day with like minded people coming to Brighton from all over the region to weave stories, learn, be inspired and get support and get productive. If it’s anything like other Transition conferences, it is likely to give us a Transition tickle and leave us itching for action.

It is being recognised that our connections between each other in the South East are somewhat weak. It is easy to feel small and isolated when trying to start or keep a Transition initiative going, yet we can do a lot to support each other. We’d like you to see this as your event – an opportunity to showcase best practice, share experiences, galvanise us and welcome newcomers, radiate your brilliance and get support.

Advance booking now available.

Featuring guest speakers, workshops, Open Space sessions where participants set the agenda – further details will unfurl over coming weeks.

Would having facilities for your kids help? If there is enough enthusiasm and offers to help organise it, we will explore what can be arranged.

We need your help to make it a successful event. Please spread the word and make sure you’re there; early bookers will help our finances and be treated as heroes.

Please contact Martin:
(please put ‘SE Conference in the title)
07891 571739.

Tickets £30 / £20

Easy Action

1) If you are reading this, please consider joining the South East Transition community –

2) Please spread the word, pass this on, post it up and talk about it.

3) Join up to the fledgling South East (low volume) mailing list by writing to bookings*AT* with ‘SE Mailing List’ in the subject title.

4) Get talking within your Transition community about the fun you might have when we all get together. Who will go? Is there someone among your connections that has something excellent to share? Could you could contribute? Get in touch!


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