Posted by: Mike Grenville | 10 December 2009

Ti On Film

More and more Transition initiatives are making films about what they are up to. Here is a collection of Transiton related films on YouTube.

Totnes: taking change into their own hands
10 mins
Can a town become economically, environmentally and socially sustainable? See how Transition Town Totnes is taking change into their own hands.

Brixton: transitioning to a low-energy future
7 mins
Lowering carbon emissions and promoting sustainability are just two of the ways Brixton is transitioning to a low-energy future. It looks at the impact on residents of the cars that flows through the town, the newly launched Brixton pound

Brixton Pound pre-launch
In the run up to the launch, Debate Your Plate went on location to make a film about the Brixton Pound.

Politics Show In Brixton
9.24 mins
In July the TV show ran an indepth item on the Brixton Pound plans

‘Money that sticks to Brixton’
2.12 mins
An animation that shows how the Brixton pound works with a great catchy tune

Brixton Pound Launch
5.37 mins
In September Positive TV attended the launch of the Brixton Pound a local currency creating economic community resillence in. Lambeth. Interviews with Duncan Law and Tim Nichols from Transtion Town Brixton.

Tooting Trashcatching Workshops
Tooting children work with artists to create Carnival ideas using household rubbish

Tooting Harvest Foodival 2009
8.44 mins
Tooting High St restaurants cook up home grown dishes from donated fruit and veg

Totnes winterfest 09
2.5 mins
A jaunty litte video with inspiring ideas and projects from across Totnes in Transition

Local Food Book Launch
5 mins
Rob Hopkins interviewed by theEcologistTV on the day of the launch of the book outside the Brixton Pound launch.

How We Used To Live
3.50 mins
How did Totnes feed, heat and transport itself before the age of globalisation and cheap energy?
What did a local food system look like to those who depended on it? Two generations have passed with no first-hand knowledge of living with much less energy than we expect today

A rock music themed video from Transition Town Lewes



  1. And here’s our first video attempt from Derby:

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