Posted by: Mike Grenville | 10 December 2009

Bristol Sustainability Course

A one year part time Practical Sustainability course is being offered in Bristol starting in April 2010.

The Practical Sustainability Course is an in-depth hands-on study of all aspects of sustainability. Covering Permaculture Design, Organic Horticulture, Green Building, Energy, Woodland Management, Soil, Ecological Interactions, Group Dynamics, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Transition, Herbal Medicine, Animal Husbandry and much much more.

This course offers holistic, challenging, hands-on learning to give you the skills you need to make positive change in your life and community.

Modules are a mix of classroom and on-site practical learning and field visits. It is a collaboration of some of the most experienced tutors in the South West including Sarah Pugh, Patrick Whitefield, Dr Chris Johnstone, Tim Foster, Matt Dunwell, Max Drake, Jackson Moulding, Justin Smith, Jenni Horsfall, Ben Law and many more.

The course starts in April 2010 and runs to April 2011. Last booking date is 25th February 2010.

For more details visit


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