Posted by: Mike Grenville | 9 December 2009

‘Transition News’ Section In Positive News

Positive News has teamed up with Transition Network News to feature a new section dedicated to news from the Transition movement. The just-published winter edition includes articles from Transition Initiatives in Forest Row, Brixton, Edinburgh plus reviews of the In-Transition Movie and Local Food book.

Positive News is a quarterly international newspaper, which reports on positive changes occurring across the world and looks at the challenges of our time from a solution-based perspective. It’s strapline is that it reports on what’s breaking through, rather than what’s breaking down.

From the current edition onwards, there will be a regular section devoted to reports from the world of Transition.

Positive News Publishing is a not-for-profit social enterprise, assisted by a charitable Trust. Editions of Positive News are also printed in New York, California, Argentina, Spain and Hong Kong, with others currently in the pipeline. Positive News is distributed as a free paper, but relies on the kind support of its subscribers who pay to receive it direct to their door.

Sean Dagan Wood, assistant editor of Positive News, said: “Transition offers an excellent framework for people to come together, empower themselves and create a positive future. With the Transition movement spreading rapidly and being so enthusiastically embraced, we decided to dedicate a section of Positive News to it.

“Positive News brings together, in one publication, articles from many different areas of interest, revealing the pioneering activity of a whole array of individuals and organisations. We give a strong focus to the grassroots level, and Transition Initiatives are at the forefront of this.

“Our hope is that the Transition News section will encourage more people across the world to create and share solutions that can be implemented in their own community – proactively tackling climate change, peak oil and economic recession as we collectively forge a positive future.”


By ‘sponsoring a bundle’, Positive News will send you bulk copies of the paper, in exchange for a small charge to cover the postage. Positive News can be given out at events or made available in community buildings and local shops and businesses.

Individuals can also subscribe and receive Positive News direct to their door by visiting, phoning 01588 640 022 or emailing

Transition Pages December 2009


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