Posted by: Mike Grenville | 9 December 2009

Gathering in the East

In mid November Transition East Support Group held its Second Regional Gathering in Norfolk. An insightful document that reviews the groups in the region and looks at some of the common problems they are running into has been published that they describe as ‘everything you wanted to know about Transition but were too correct to ask.’

Transition East is made up of Transition groups in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex and 55 people from 19 Transition initiatives across the east of England gathered in Diss in Norfolk for the second regional meeting.

In the morning the group set out to map themselves in time and space, followed by an Open Space session with twelve different subjects from Insulation to Abundance schemes to Communication with the Media.

After lunch in a great circle, keynote speakers gave the highlights from their respective initiatives: Cambridge’s packed event programme, Norwich’s Transport Group and original Transition Circles, Downham Market’s great Food fir the Future Day with 400 visitors, Ipswich’s massed bike ride for the International Day of Climate Action.

The main session of the day was Transition Troubleshooting in which troubles were posted on the wall and set about finding ways of dealing with them in five different groups led by the Transition East Support Team. These included Group Dynamics, Communication (inter-group and media), Facing Profound Lifestyle Changes, Burn-Out and Fall-Out and Dealing with Officialdom.

In honour of the event, Charlotte Du Cann and Josiah Meldrum pulled together what Rob Hopkins described as “a really quite extraordinary document”. “It offers an extraordinary insight into what is happening there, the range of groups and what they are up to” said Rob. It also includes a section on ‘Troubleshooting’, or as they put it, “everything you wanted to know about Transition but were too correct to ask…”, which looks at some of the common problems they are running into. These include such basics as how to design a poster: how to host an event: how to blog: how to boost a flagging initiative: how to get initiative funding/official status/publicity/: and even some words of comfort for those who have had enough of the word sustainable!

Download the PDF document “Transition in the East: co-operation, collaboration, support and influence

During the next few months, the group are aiming to tackle some of the Transition Troubles that were raised at the meeting – from practical issues such as public liability insurance (how to go about it as a regional group) to those difficulties arising from group dynamics. They are also hoping that different initiatives might like to join them on this original project. Reports from the work-in-progress will be available as an open source document on the transitioneast website.



  1. I am having trouble downloading the guide Transiition in the East…etc and would be grateful for help / a new link
    gerald Conyngham
    Crediton Climate Action

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