Posted by: Mike Grenville | 8 December 2009

Green Community Hero Award

The 2009 Energy Saving Trust/Guardian ‘Green Community Hero’ award has been awarded to Rob Hopkins.

The Energy Saving Trust launched the Green Communities awards, building on its work with communities over the last few years.

The awards celebrate groups and individuals who excel in energy saving. Commenting on winning the award, Rob said that “this is actually an award for everyone out there doing Transition in communities around the world. Although these kind of things have my name written on them, they are really an acknowledgement of the incredible work the wider movement is doing.”

Writing in The Guardian about the awards in an article called “ A green trail others must now follow“, Neasa MacErlean wrote that “If Hopkins is proved correct in his environmental analysis, he could be as famous as any national, or even international, politician within a decade.”

The profile of Rob and the Transition mission in the Guardian.



  1. Congratulations Rob!!!!!!!!!

    You deserve this…thanks for all your encouragement and good humour.

    Best wishes

    From PEAT (Purbeck Environment Action Team)
    Transitioning for Purbeck

  2. Rob Hopkins synthesises some of the most important ideas of the new millenium. His response to the situation we are in is, essentially, that ‘charity begins at home’. In the network of networks the first process we need to look at is the one which we are most involved in and the one that we can most effect change within – our unique individual community and its ecology. Thom Hartmann’s ‘Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight’ is Rob’s context. The fact that he knows all too well that we all understand his message, we have understood it since the 1970’s but have denied it, that the solution is simple, that his lead to energy descent is sucking eggs, is key to his humble approach to sustainbility advocacy. Build your community’s inherent sustainable resilience built on its own resources and capacities.

  3. Perhaps you can do something about the this page cannot be displayed messages on the web when a person clicks on green websites

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