Posted by: Mike Grenville | 3 November 2009

Time to Take Action on Food!

The Local Action on Food Network is a new national food network that is being coordinated by Sustain to link together all people and projects from across the UK that are committed to working towards a more local and sustainable food system.

Sustain is an alliance for better food and farming supports projects through its own project officers who have experience on a range of local food issues.

The network prides itself on the diversity of its members and works with farmers, food growers, community food projects, food businesses, local authorities and food producers from across the country.

The Local Action on Food network also organises a programme of national food events and seminars that look at a specific local food issues. We recently held a very inspiring event in Reading on accessing land for community food groups in urban areas and we have another event in Manchester at the start of November on local food hubs. More events will be announced in 2010 and will be organised across the country.

Members of the network will also receive the following benefits to keep them up to date with all local food news.

  • A regular copy of Rhubarb our fantastic network magazine
  • A monthly e newsletter with funding information, events and members updates.
  • Membership of our issues specific e-networks which include ethical catering, food co-ops, urban agriculture and local food policy.
  • Regional food events, workshops and trainings at a discounted rate.
  • Expertise, advice and project support on a range of local food issues from our project officers.

If you would like to join the Local Action on Food network or have any queries in regards to how you can be involved then please contact or visit



  1. If you believe grazing animals to be bad for the planet it may be time to think again. They aren’t the problem – they’re a big part of the solution. You don’t have to give up meat and dairy foods – just make sure they’re from grass-fed animals.

    Want to find out more? Read “The Carbon Fields”

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