Posted by: Mike Grenville | 3 November 2009

Royal Transition Town Visitor

Llandeilo in Wales is the first Transition Initiative to recieve a royal visit from HRH The Prince of Wales and hear about the projects it is doing.

The Transition Town Llandeilo project was very pleased to receive a visit from HRH The Prince of Wales at the Civic Hall on October 23rd. The Prince was introduced to members of Cymdeithas y Dalar, the allotments project on National Trust land at Dinefwr Home Farm, and to some of the people who saved the Dryslwyn post office from closure by turning it into a community shop.

Looby presents the walnut tree to the Prince (photos : Jess Jones)

Looby presents the walnut tree to the Prince (photos : Jess Jones)

He also heard about “Carbon Conversations”, a practical 10-week evening course to help participants reduce their carbon footprint, and about Llandeilo’s first full Permaculture design course, which is just getting underway. Looby Macnamara, one of the course tutors, presented the Prince with a locally-grown grafted walnut tree from Manse Organics.

Transition Wales
Members of Transition Cwm Gwendraeth were there too, alongside representatives of Calon Cymru. Calon Cymru is a group working towards creating a sustainable corridor through Powys and Carmarthenshire following the Heart of Wales train line. Llandeilo was one of the first of over 50 communities in Wales that have started Transition Initiatives.

The Prince in Wales

The Prince meets Looby, Steve, Sue and Tony (photo : Jess Jones)

New Projects

A re-skilling programme is one of the next initiatives that Transition Town Llandeilo will be undertaking. This will include demonstrations of food preservation, sustainable woodworking, knitting and needlecraft, sourdough baking, and more. This will lead into a more comprehensive programme taking in vegetable growing, keeping chickens, and energy auditing.

New projects under discussion are in the areas of Renewable Energy, Food and Farming, and Transport.

“As a group we have been envigorated by this visit” said Steve Brown. “A lot of people have noticed for the first time that Llandeilo has Transition Town status. The publicity this has given us, combined with the activities of the Prince’s Charities in Wales in the areas of rural regeneration, sustainable development, and business action on climate change, is helping us to establish deeper working relationships with Carmarthenshire County Council, as well as with our local town councils.”

Peter Davies, vice-chair of the Sustainable Development Commission in Wales, is also co-ordinator of the Prince’s Charities in Wales. He has previously taken part in a local Question Time event put on by the Transition group.

Earth In Balance

Speaking at the Met Office in September, The Prince spoke about how he had made a documentary for the BBC called “Earth in Balance” in 1990. “I have never forgotten at the time the various media reactions there were to the documentary” he said, “one said it was a ‘curious mix of sermon, uneventful travelogue and apocalyptic warning’.”

He added that “it seems to me we have been busily testing the world to destruction, carrying out a gigantic experiment with the world and with our climate. The difficulty, I’ve always felt, is that the modern world view looks at everything in a fragmented way. We observe nature from the outside, we no longer participate in it. Yet when we think about it we are ourselves nature, we are a microcosm of the entire microcosm. Until we reconnect ourselves with that understanding of our particular place within nature, as nature ourselves, it’s going to be very difficult indeed to imagine we can fix all the problems.”



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