Posted by: Mike Grenville | 19 August 2009

Enter The 2009 Upstarts Awards

Organised by the New Statesman magazine, the 2009 Upstarts Awards will recognise excellence in all aspects of social enterprise.

The New Statesman Upstarts Awards are now in their eighth year having been inaugurated in 2001. This year the judges are particularly looking for evidence of sustainability, community impact, and skills development so they would be ideal for UK based Transition Initiatives to enter.

You can see the entries so far here.

These are the categories:

  • Upstarts Achievement Award
  • Best Community Renewal Project
  • Best Local Authority for Regeneration
  • Best Social Enterprise Serving a Community
  • Best Developer in Regeneration
  • Best Elected Advocate for Regeneration

There are cash prizes for winners. All nominations must be received by 30 September 2009.

So if you know of a community-lead enterprise that has contributed to the advancement of your community, including your own, please nominate it now.

Details on the categories here.

To make a nomination and to learn more visit:


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