Posted by: Mike Grenville | 24 July 2009

Energy Resilience Assessment practitioner training

Are you interested in helping to bring transition thinking to your local businesses, public sector and voluntary organisations in Scotland, Ireland, Wales or England?

Transition Training & Consulting (part of the Transition Network, and incorporating what was previously known as Transition Training) already offers training to individuals and communities – many of you will have attended the ‘Training for Transition’ 2 day course.

Now we are starting to offer transition-related products and services for businesses and other organisations. These products will be delivered by the TT&C Practitioner Network, a community of trainers and consultants ideally based in local transition initiatives, who work in a professional, commercial capacity.

The first offering aimed specifically at businesses and other organisations is the Energy Resilience Assessment (ERA). We’re now inviting applications for the first 2 day ERA Practitioner Training Course which will be held on 7-8th October, 2009 in Devon.

The deadline for applications is 5pm on 7th August, 2009.

More details and how to apply here


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