Posted by: Mike Grenville | 8 June 2009

Water for Today

‘Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.’ Stroud Communiversity is offering a one day event on 23rd June to think about our most fundamental resource and hear from a range of experts that will look at water for many different angles including water for energy, waste water, flooding, and drought.

Water is vital for our lives, yet we face peak water, whilst many people in the world lack healthy access to good water. Water resources are under pressure in Britain. Some 25 million people live in areas where there is less available water per person than Spain or Morocco. The average Briton now uses 148 litres (260 pints) every day. Climate change is expected to reduce the amount of water available in our rivers by up to 80% by 2050 in the summer, yet we face population increases. The transport, heating and treatment of water accounts for over 6% of the UK’s carbon footprint. Using less water means we take less from the environment and cut the energy needed to treat it.

So this is a day to think about our most fundamental resource and hear from a range of experts. How does the profit-driven economy affect how our water supplies are delivered and how our waste water is treated? How does this affect our health? Could we localize water supplies? How might a sustainable water system protect us against flooding and reduce the energy used by the water industry? How can local action groups make a difference in caring for water?

Purpose: To empower people and communities to take more control of their water and other related tasks such as public health, water resource management, water for energy, waste water, flooding, drought and amenity


  • To inform people about the water crisis
  • To hear and see what people are doing
  • To offer an action toolkit for caring for water

Outline for the day

9.15 Registration and coffee
9.30 Introductions and our burning questions about water—Martin Large, facilitator
10.00 Adam Broadhead, UCL and Water 21—presentation on Slad Valley watershed (including key issues about water as a resource, peak water and water shortage)
10.30 Councillor Philip Booth—Ruscome Brook Action Group (including gadgets and changes in your home)
11.00 Coffee
11.30 Councilor Sarah Lunnon: Dealing with the authorities and critical risks e.g. floods, planning, water management, public health
12.00 Paul Munns—Rethinking water in your home
12.30-1.30: Lunch
1.30-3.00 Guided walk of flooded area and tour of Co-housing SUDS system—Paul Munns and Sarah Lunnon
3.00 Tea
3.30 Case-studies of water management systems—Julian Jones
4.00 Identifying tools for a water action toolkit and follow up—Martin Large
4.30 Closing story—Fiona Eadie

Date: Tuesday 23rd June, 9.30am to 5pm
Location: Brick Row, off Church Street Car Park (the old Selsley Herb Farm building).

Refreshments: coffee and tea provided; bring lunch to share

Cost: £20.00; Concessions £10.00

Contact Odilia Jarman or Molly Scott Cato to secure a place

Odilia: ; 01453 822548

This event is organized by Stroud Communiversity, a project of Stroud Common Wealth, in association with Transition Town Stroud

communiversity water day


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