Posted by: Mike Grenville | 28 May 2009

An Invitation From The Open University

A new way of learning and engaging using the Internet is being developed by the Open University called SocialLearn. SocialLearn enables people to connect with each other and resources and provides opportunities for discussion, reflection and putting forward points of view. You are invited to take part in the testing of Social Learn during June and July 2009.

The pilot version of SocialLearn is focused on climate change as part of the Open University’s Learning to Live with Climate Change Programme which facilitates processes of social learning to support collaborative responses to the challenges of climate change.

The Open University is currently seeking people to take part in the testing of SocialLearn during June and July 2009.

The test of SocialLearn has been approved by the University’s Research Ethics Committee. The University will ask a few questions about you if you sign up to participate in the test; this is for research purposes only. During the test the site will record details about usage, such as how many people visit each page, how popular resources are and how much activity there is on the site. These figures will allow the Open University to improve SocialLearn.

How long will this take?

That’s up to you. You may visit SocialLearn just once, but we hope that you will want to return and learn more. To get the most out of SocialLearn, expect to be active there for at about 20 minutes each week.

Do I need to know a lot about computers? If you can use the web, you can use SocialLearn.

I use assistive technology; can I use SocialLearn? SocialLearn is intended to be usable by everyone and we are interested in hearing about everyone’s experience.

Signing up

Register to take part in the “Closed Beta” of SocialLearn running in June and July 2009. In return you will get access to learning resources on climate change, your personal workspace, discussion forums, interactive learning tools and other social learners.

If you’d like to take part in the test and be one of the first to use this innovative new online network for social learning on climate change, sign up at:


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