Posted by: Mike Grenville | 26 May 2009

The Powerdown Show

powerdown show
The Cultivate Centre in Dublin have just produced a fabulous resource that all Transition groups will find invaluable, the Powerdown Show. This series of ten 20 minute programmes on DVD explore many aspects of the Transition movement in a humorous, accessible and inspiring way.

Those interviewed in the series include George Monbiot, Paul Allen, Richard Douthwaite, Megan Quinn, Daniel Lerch, Duncan Stewart, Rob Hopkins and many more.

Rob Hopkins has described it as “a brilliant resource for groups. Each episode is a standalone programme, illustrated with examples. The series also contains lots of excellent animated sequences, which make it very accessible. Highly, highly recommended.”

Produced by Cultivate Centre, Dublin, Ireland, the course has been developed to support the Transition Movement and to accompany Cultivate’s unique active learning course, “Community Powerdown – Training for Leadership, Livelihoods and Local Resilience”.

The ten episodes are:

  • The Challenge Ahead
  • The Power of Community
  • It’s All Connected
  • Rethinking Energy
  • Getting Around
  • Deconstructing Dinner
  • Shelter
  • Energy Descent Pathways
  • Global Citizenship
  • Where Do We Go From Here?

Watch Episode 8: ‘Transition Towns & Energy Descent Pathways’ here.

In this programme the history of the Transition Town process is outlined and the concept of Energy Decent Action Planning (EDAP) is explained. Filmed in Kinsale, Ireland and Totnes, UK, this episode features Rob Hopkins, author of the Transition Handbook, Klaus Harvey of Transition Town Kinsale, Graham Strouts, Kinsale College of Further Education, and Davie Philip who coordinates the Irish Transition Town network amongst others.

Buy a copy of the DVD here:



  1. Hi, what are the copyright restrictions on The Power Down Show. If I buy the DVD, can I show it our Transtion group? to a public meeting? on our local community access TV? We would not be making any profit from these showings.Thank you,Avery

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