Posted by: Mike Grenville | 2 May 2009

Welsh Transitioners get together…

The Hay Festival at the end of May will be the venue for a gathering of Welsh Transitioners as well as running a number of talks around Transition related topics.

All official initiatives and mullers welcome.

Thursday May 28th

Location: The Ascaris Café: Hay Festival Site


10.00 Coffee

10.05 Welcome by Andy Fryer to the Hay Festival

10.10 Welcome by outgoing chair Peter Segger

10.15 New Chair: Introduction

10.30 Report from the Groups

11.15 Future Structure/Remit of a coordinating body for the Welsh Transitioners

12.15 Conclude

For more details contact Martin Fitton


The Hay Festival Greenprint Forum

On the first day of the festival, Thursday 21st May is a series of conversations that addresses global change, cultural imagination, sustainable practice and the fusion of indigenous and traditional cultures and progressive science.

Called The Hay Festival Greenprint Forum, the sessions will address questions such as

  • How can we provide a sustainable food supply sufficient to meet the needs of a growing population facing climate change

  • How do communities adapt to change and migration?

  • Securing Energy Supplies

  • How will climate change affect biodiversity and the way we manage freshwater supplies and the oceans as a resource?

More details here: Greenprint Forum

Rob Hopkins, Rosie Boycott and Andrew Simms will be discussing Transition Now. The Transition Town Movement is described as ‘the UK’s fastest growing social experiment.

In the evening Franny Armstrong talks to George Monbiot about the making of The Age of Stupid.



  1. 5th May 09 1530 hours… not sold out yet : just booked two tickets for Rob Hopkins [event 225] – online at HayFestival website

  2. yes, I too have been able to buy tickets today

    another correction; The Greenprint Forum [event 1] is not on that day, it is on the first day of the festival, Thursday 21st May

    look forward to meeting you there

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