Posted by: Mike Grenville | 30 April 2009

Nigel’s Eco Store Offers Transition Discounts

nigels eco store logo

Anyone involved in transition can get 15% off all purchases (except lawn-mowers!) at Nigel’s Eco Store.

Of course, we encourage you to buy these types of products from local suppliers wherever possible, but if you can’t find them locally then Nigel is happy to offer you a great deal.

This online store offers “hundreds of environmentally friendly products for sustainable, low carbon living, including recycled bags, energy saving gadgets, green gifts, and lots of other eco friendly products and gifts”.


Shop online and use the discount code ‘TRANS15‘ at online checkout.

This offer is available to anyone across the whole transition network. It has been set-up as part of the Totnes Transition Together project, that is compiling a great set of special offers and discounts.

Terms: subject to availability and cannot be used with any other offer, discount doesn’t apply to delivery costs.

If anyone does want a lawn-mower, as we are transitioning from a lawn to veg in our garden so have an redundant electric mower on offer if you want a second hand one! Buyer collects from

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