Posted by: Mike Grenville | 30 April 2009

Launching Transition Learning Connections!

How do you find the people and skills to make your project outrageously successful? Transition Training is delighted to announce the launch of an online pilot called ‘Transition Learning Connections’ to connect people who want to learn transition skills with those in the network with want to teach them.

Launching on 2nd May 2009, the pilot will start with a focus on the personal, group and organisational skills needed to run successful transition initiatives. If the pilot is successful there are many possibilities for this system; as well as expanding the range of topics on offer we could use it to offer or find someone to give a talk about transition or peer mentoring for another Transition project.
During the pilot you can use Transition Learning Connections to offer or find support or training in areas such as:

  • Preventing burn-out
  • Becoming more personally resilient
  • Creating enjoyable and effective groups and meetings
  • Using conflict constructively
  • Communicating well within your project or with your community
  • How to go about designing a structure and legal format for the project
  • Managing volunteers effectively
  • Being more strategic, less last minute fire fighting
  • Effective fund raising
  • Managing money
  • PR and branding
  • Measuring our impact
  • Supporting the psychological changes required for transition
  • How to engage people beyond the usual suspects
  • Good tools for project management – turning vision into reality!
  • … or any other topic related to getting people, projects and groups are working…?

So if you have skills/training/support to offer, or you want some training or support, then please register now and start to use the site to give this pilot some oomph to get off the ground! To register please visit and enter the code transition1 when you register. Its all completely free of charge.

We are launching the pilot in the UK because we believe that it needs lots of people using it to make it successful, and that this requires a targetted launch. If you are outside the UK and if you want to register and experiment then please do have a go! If the pilot is successful, we will talk to transition hubs in other places to see whether they want to launch a similar system. Or it might just take off globally on its own?! The pilot will run from May 2009-April 2010.

Why launch this?

One of the most frequent messages that we get on the 2-day Training for Transition is that many people want more support in the skills required to work effectively with people, groups and organisations. We know there are countless very skilled and experienced people in the Transition Network who offer training in the many areas where support is needed, such as:


So we set out to answer the question: how do we connect people in the Transition Network who want to learn certain skills with those who can teach them?

Our response is a vision of an online self-organising network which connects those who want to learn with those who want to teach. We will pilot the system in what we consider to be the area where training is most urgently needed: personal, group and organisational skills. If it is successful, we hope that the system will eventually facilitate connections around many more skills and transition-related needs.

An example – Weaving Magic

Transition Training is currently developing a course specifically in group process skills for transition initiatives called ‘Weaving Magic- creating & sustaining healthy & successful groups for transition’. Visit Transition Learning Connections to find out more about this course and register an interest (go to Click on the trainer’s profile, Nick Osborne, and find it under ‘Public Classes’ . If you want to register an interest then please send an email to Nick from that page).

Transition Training’s Partnership with The School of Everything

Transition Training has teamed up with The School of Everything to run this pilot. The School of Everything wants to be part of a revolution in education where we take responsibility for our own learning. It almost seems as if their site has been designed to answer our question about how to connect people! At its simplest, the site is an online version of the poster in a shop window or on a cafe notice board. It’s a free way to communicate with people in your area about the courses and services on offer.

On a deeper level, it is also an attempt to fulfil the vision of “learning webs” sketched out by Ivan Illich in Deschooling Society. When he wrote about using databases to match up learners, it sounded like science fiction. Today, it sounds like commonsense.

So, if you want training or support to sort out some of your frustrations and help your group work more effectively, then register as a learner and search for trainers who can help. If you offer training for groups then register as a teacher and search for learners.

This is a pilot that we want to learn from. For it to work, we need you to make use of it, so please sign up today. It’s like our brain-power- if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it!

Visit and enter the code transition1 when you register.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to witnessing many beautiful learning connections between wonderful transition people!

Nick Osborne, Transition Training,



  1. Thank you for this. I just registered as a teacher of interdependence.

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