Posted by: Mike Grenville | 10 April 2009

Conference Training Programme

Although the Transition Network Conference in May is now fully booked, there is a long list of trainings before and after the conference which are open to conference attendees, other transitioners and non-transitioners alike.

Pre-conference trainings

Introduction to Permaculture
The principles and practice of permaculture, with an emphasis on permaculture as a design system.

Training for Transition
A 2-day “fundamentals” course for those wishing to know how to set up, run, and maintain a successful transition initiative.

Creating outrageously successful projects
Dragon Dreaming, based upon Living Systems Theory and Deep Ecology, provides individuals, communities and organisation members with new ways of deepening their identification with the living Earth, and a renewal of energy to work for maximising their creativity and common purpose.

An experiential method of exploring the invisible dynamics of challenging situations.

Community Supported Agriculture
A workshop run by the Soil Association looking at options for communities working together to ensure their local food supply.

Post-conference trainings

Economics Crash Course
Chris Martenson’s crash course will be led by Peter Lipman, chair of trustees of Transition Network and the Centre for Sustainable Energy, policy director at Sustrans and was part of the group which established Transition Bristol.

Transition Talk Training
A one day course in how to give an effective talk on Transition, aimed for people in a Transition Initiative to help them raise awareness and draw other groups into the process.

Teachers Telling Transition Tales
This course provides an introduction to a proposed series of 2 day CPD courses designed by professional storytellers & teacher trainers working with Transition all over the UK.

Working with conflict
‘How to have harmonious and productive meetings that people enjoy and want more of – and what to do when things go wrong’

Full details and how to book here:



  1. Can you give me full details of the where, when and price of the 2 day transition training.

    I am in Ireland.

  2. Full details and how to book is here:

    In Ireland you should check this website for training there:

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