Posted by: Mike Grenville | 27 February 2009

Eat The Suburbs

This short film follows Melbourne’s “permablitzers” as they prepare for the end of the oil age… one garden at a time.

The 9 min film made by Tanya Curnow in 2006 about ‘permablitzing’ and edible backgardening is now available online. It includes an introduction to Peak Oil by Richard Heinberg focussing on food.

The PermaBlitz group helps people get together and have fun learning about, designing and implementing suburban permaculture systems.

It features Asha Bee, who is currently working with Transition Network doing a book about Transition in cities.

A Hi-Res / Screening Version can be downloaded here (58.1 MB)

View on YouTube



  1. excellent video, these people are on to it!!!!

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