Posted by: Mike Grenville | 27 February 2009

Dissertation Compilation

Now that the world of academia is turning its bespectacled eye towards all things transition, we’re seeing an increasing number of dissertations and papers, both proposed and completed, associated with this subject. To help signpost and coordinate these efforts, we’re planning to put up an on-line reference page, showing titles, authors, extracts and email addresses. That way, we’ll avoid duplication (aka plagiary in academic circles) and help build a cohesive body of knowledge.

So, if you’re the author of a dissertation/paper that focuses specifically on transition, please send us an electronic version of the document and extract and we’ll get it up on the website. And if you’re planning a dissertation on this subject, don’t forget to take a look at

Send to



  1. Do you guys know about V useful resource for finding researchers in your field.

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