Posted by: Mike Grenville | 26 February 2009

Peak Transition Moment

Jennifer Gray of Transition US was interviewed by Peak Moment TV called “The Transition Movement comes to America.”

A pioneer of the Transition Movement in the UK and the co-founder of Transition US, Jennifer gives an overview of the Transition approach.

In response to awakened Peak Oil awareness, Yuba Gals began producing the weekly 28-minute Peak Moment Conversations in January 2006. Since then well over 100 Peak Moment Conversations have been videotaped which are cablecast on about two dozen community access TV stations across the USA and can also can be viewed online

You can view the interview online at

Or on YouTube here


  1. Thanks for posting our conversation on the Transition Network News site! The Peak Moment Conversations are intended primarily for transitioners / relocalizers: as education and inspiration for your community. Ride an electric bike, tour a permaculture backyard, learn about local currencies.

    We also have presentation DVDs which many groups are showing in their community. Richard Heinberg, Guy Dauncey on the Energy Revolution, David Korten on The Great Turning, and others.

    We’re planning to videotape shows around North America in ’09-’10 and invite suggestions of projects, people and topics. (We dream of taping in Europe after that!)

    Conversation videos and dvds are at You can reach me at janaia (at)

    Thanks for watching!

  2. Anybody who hasn’t yet discovered the Peak Moment channel on You Tube is missing out!

    Janaia and team have done an amazing job – the range of videos is fantastic, and suits every mood, from practical house and garden examples to detailed discussions on Peak Oil and its implications.

    Well done Janaia – keep up the good work – I’m steadily working my way through your back catalogue.

  3. Hey Transitionars, hey Mike

    Dunk here, Irish dude in Barcelona. Thanks for informing us re this film, its now embedded on the Spanish speaking social network site:

    Mike, great to meet up and chat a few weeks back here in BCN, id say you slept well that sunday night after all your wandering. Im nearly finished an article in which there is a brief summary of our discussion about Transition movement @ BCN.



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