Posted by: Mike Grenville | 26 February 2009

Desperately Seeking Presenters

Transition Initiatives frequently ask for presenters who can do a reasonable job of explaining peak oil, climate change and Transition at one of their community meetings.

We have a hunch that there must be loads of transitioners out there who’d be willing to step up for this. So, in the spirit of relocalisation, we’re enabling these potential speakers to self-identify and make themselves available to talk to groups within a reasonable distance.
Launch of The Lewes Pound & panel
If you want to step up, take a look at the first post in this forum

If you’re looking for a local presenter, take a look at this GoogleMap.

And if there’s no one within striking distance of your locale, perhaps you should consider stepping up yourself….



  1. Dear Transitioners,
    We have 2 or 3 people in Newcastle upon Tyne who have done or can do talks on transition, CC and PO amongst other things. We are putting the final touches to a 30 minute powerpoint, which can be followed by Q+A. We are willing to go out to other groups in the area eg: Northumberland, Co.Durham as well as Newcastle upon Tyne, South Tyneside, North Tyneside, Sunderland etc.

    With a limited amount of time I have not been liaising with nationally, but I guess we need to put ourselves on the map as we have quite a few things going on here. We have 190 people on a contact list and have run a number of awareness raising events. We are now pitching into some practical activities and have two interest groups, one area group and a strategy group on the go. We really need to move off of the mullers category and get some sort of promotion to something more tangible.

    Steve Emsley

  2. Crediton Climate Action (Devon) is a transition town. We have been going for 2 years and have a website, ten subgroups and over 300 supporters. Several of us have done talks to other groups in Devon and focus on how to get an organisation started, following the steps in the Transition Town primer.
    Gerald Conyngham
    Chair of CCA

  3. I can talk about Wind Energy, Hydro, Biomass, Woodland Management and BioChar – and our local Transition process.
    I can be contacted on 01984 624257 or datawizard223300 (at)
    I am a jobseeker.
    Simon Masters
    Wiveliscombe 10 Parishes Transition Initiative

  4. Hi. I can talk about Climate Change, Peak Oil, ‘sustainability’ topics in general, the Transition process, and the money system.

    You can contact me on 07968 450064, or

    Mark Gater
    3 Daisy Bank
    ST13 5HA

  5. I’m willing to speak on sustainability, climate, peak oil and the Transition response – have done so in Germany, will do two talks this month in Kent. Can also speak on renewables esp solar PV (doing PhD part time with OU). From TT Sevenoaks could get to Kent, Sussex, London. Also prepared to do in Milton Keynes if could coincide with visit to the OU.

  6. Hi All,

    I’m located in the US (Vermont). I have a very flexible schedule (i.e. I’m an actor), love to travel, am extremely comfortable with public speaking, and would be happy to help as needed.

    I sometimes even come to the UK, and would be very willing to assist in presenting there as well.

    Kudos to everyone doing this amazing work!

    – Kathryn

  7. My recent background is in top level (FTSE 100 and 250) corporate communications. My original degree was in systems geography many years ago – and then I worked on articles about energy and related matters with National Geographic Magazine. I’ve recently done a fantastic permaculture design course (thank you Chris Evans and Aranya) as part of my personal transition.

    I have no materials as such as yet for the purpose (can anyone send me something they have used successfully?) but I’m used to presenting to large and small groups and to facilitating events. I would be glad to help where and when I can, preferably in the Midlands. I’m Derby based. Contact me initially via email

  8. I’m available in the USA, for now.

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