Posted by: Mike Grenville | 18 January 2009

Fourth World Review: a Transition Journal

Founded 40 years ago, John Papworth’s journal Fourth World Review (4WR) has recently undergone a shift in emphasis, and finds itself under new management and dedicating its focus to Transition.
It has become, in effect, the Transition Journal, with an emphasis on thoughtful pieces. 4WR is under the very capable editorship of Jon Hughes who was previously an editor at The Ecologist.  The most recent edition contains excellent articles, by luminaries such as Kirkpatrick Sale writes about pinning too many hopes on Obama, Peter North on why we need to stop confusing localism with autarky, Tom Barker draws parallels between eco-systems collapse and the current economic collapse and others.

The bi-monthly publication is available at a considerable discount for local Transition initiatives offering the opportunity for your group to make some money selling it at events.  For a minimum six editions a year, you can order five copies of each edition for £30 per year, or 10 copies for £50.

Describing it as “essential reading”, Rob Hopkins said of Fourth World Review that they “have created an excellent resource here, its long term success will depend on our support, so take it to your heart and make it your own!  Like many such publications, people taking out subscriptions is vital to their long term thriving, so you could do a lot worse than to subscribe to 4WR, the 2 editions I have seen so far were thought-provoking and fascinating, and I was still carrying it around days later dipping into it, which is always a good sign.”

Also, if you have ideas for articles or contents do let him know.  Jon is offering a free ‘taster’ copy of the latest edition to anyone who contacts him, so do get in touch, you can’t say any fairer than that.

A new website for the magazine is under construction. In the meantime for more information you can contact Jon at hughes.jon (at)



  1. Hi

    I have FWR No. 50, 51, 54 (1992) and 56 (1993) in excellent condition if you or anybody else wants them. If so, please give address to where I should post them.


  2. PS: my email address is

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