Posted by: Mike Grenville | 8 January 2009

Transition Movie News

Emma Goude reports on progress with the Transition movie:

It is coming to the end of the filming side of the production. Most of the filming should be completed by the end of January.  So get your footage in by then if you’re planning to.
I’m really pleased that a few tapes have started to arrive in my post box.  There’s been some from Japan, Fife, Forest of Dean, Norwich and Berkhamsted  so far.  More is promised and I’m hoping for a few surprises too.


After filming the Nottingham Cities Conference, with the help of James Engwell, I put my first ever YouTube film up.  I wasn’t able to edit any of the footage without software but did manage to select clips from the rushes.  Hopefully, this is something that will be possible to continue when there’s a call for it.  YouTube is such a powerful portal and one of the fastest ways for a message to go viral.

Chris Watson had an excellent time in Norwich filming Rob Hopkins presenting Transition to a local authority.  Rob was so inspiring and such a good communicator that they got onboard and decided to appoint a Transition Officer there and then.  A local government making this decision is great for the film because it shifts the whole thing up a gear and makes it that much closer to affecting national government.  If people watching it can see that their actions might ripple out further than their community then they may feel more called to act.  Chris is actually from Norwich and he was very proud that his local authority were leading the way.

Chris and I are hoping to visit Stroud to film the CSA and Lewes for currency and energy stories.  Once that’s complete we’ll be almost there.  We still need to interview a few people – Jacqi Hodgson about EDAP and of course Rob Hopkins.

We’ve got some footage from NASA which is free to use and satellite images of our beautiful planet from space will be very useful to intercut with the interview we did with Sir John Houghton who was chair of the IPCC.

Jeff Smith from Deep Animation in New Zealand has been working on a title sequence for the film.  He’s brought alive the front cover of the handbook.  A couple of composers have offered their services so hopefully one of them will be able to create the right sound for it.

Happy New Year!


Please send footage to:
The Annexe, Willowfield, Week, Dartington, Devon, TQ9 6JW

see also: Transition Movie Adds A Slow Soundtrack



  1. WOW! I just want to say thanks for putting a film together. I live in Denver, Colorado USA and am making a Transition Promo Video specific to local Denver. Will yours be a broad spectrum film?

  2. Can’t wait to see the movie! 🙂

    Hope it will be released under an open license like Rob recently chose to do with the handbook?

    Will certainly help it go more viral…

    Good work! 🙂


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