Posted by: Mike Grenville | 7 January 2009

Audio Calling


Traydio is a sort of audio YouTube, where people can post interesting audio files and it has a monthly Transition podcast.

In the the December edition, Totnes-based performance poet Matt Harvey shares his understanding of all things Transitionary. Now over his initial concerns that world supplies of olive oil were running low, Matt talks about – among other things – his recent meetings with Stroud basket-weavers and the raised beds in Brixton.

The December edition also features Matt’s poem – the entertaining and poignant – Less is More.

So if Transitioning is getting rather too serious for you, sit back, turn up your speakers and press play for an unusual and amusing Wondermental guide to Transition…
Traydio have a Transition section, and are inviting people to post any interesting Transition-related audio there. So if you have digital recordings of talks or of interesting Transition stuff, so rather than letting it gather dust, whack it onto Traydio so we can all have a listen!

See the list of Transition podcasts so far: Traydio

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