Posted by: Mike Grenville | 5 December 2008

Another Council Endorses Transition

Leicestershire County Council has declared its support for Transition!

Following the Somerset County Council motion a couple of months ago, a motion was put forward by the county council in Leicestershire declaring support for the Transition movement and pledging to support the county’s Transition groups in their activities. And… it was unanimously supported and adopted!

The motion was introduced at first using climate change as the rationale rather than peak oil, although an amendment was later added that coupled any work on Peak Oil / Transition with the council’s existing work on climate change.

Andrew Reeves from Transition Leicester said that “It became clear from the discussion that there’s still lots of education to do around Peak Oil – the people who did mention it made the classic mistake each time of talking about oil running out, which of course, really isn’t the point…”

As well as fully endorsing the Transition Town Movement, the motion requested the Cabinet to ‘consider how the County Council might provide support and assistance to all towns in Leicestershire that wish to join this initiative to help them achieve the goals they set for themselves as local communities’ and for Leicestershire to consider becoming a Transition County.

A key clause was for a ‘review of the Council’s budgets and services to achieve a reduction in dependence on fuel oil and produce an energy descent action plan in line with the principles of the Transition Initiative.’

Although the motion did not offer any direct financial support to Transition Initiatives Andrew said that having it adopted will make it more likely that the county council offer some financial support.

“Our task now is to work with the other Transition groups in Leicestershire to come up with ideas for making the best use of this” said Andrew,  “that we can… both for the existing local Transition initiatives, and all the Transition groups that are still but a glint in a future Leicestershire Transitioner’s eye…”



  1. This Motion was proposed and seconded from the Labour Group at Leics. County Council and due credit should be given to them for the forward thinking

    Cliff Stan

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