Posted by: Mike Grenville | 17 November 2008

Job Opportunity with Transition Network

Transition Network is now completely re-doing its web platform, and as part of this, there is a position for 3 months for someone to project manage the first stage of this process.

This is a really exciting opportunity for the right person to work for the Network and to shape something which is key to the future success of the organisation. Whoever gets the position will be formalising team structures and people, gathering requirements, evaluating potential solutions, identifying quick win solutions for one area of functionality, making final recommendations to the steering group and Transition Network board and helping interview and select an implementation manager for the ongoing project.

For more information, see here:



  1. This position has now been filled.

  2. hi there, i’m not a web designer/programmer but if your redesigning your platform i would like to share a platform that we’re about to use on our site and i think it would be perfect for TT. It’s called and works off of wordpress like the and thousands of other good blocks. the only difference is that it has a social networking element like facebook which enables groups to project manage and interact.

    i think it will be perfect all the TT’s can link off with their own blogs but it’ll have a kind of transition town centre for people to meet.

  3. Why would a project manager be evaluating potential solutions or making recommendations to the steering group? A project manager’s role is to coordinate the project, track progress and identify actions needed to bring the project in on time and on budget not to make technical recommendations unless, in addition to being a project manager, they also have the necessary skills and experience to act in such a technical role. Just a thought.

  4. I have been using for several sites which I have been pleased with:

    Transition USA is also using it:

    I’d like to have a review of the site software being used around Transition groups in the next newsletter. If any one would like to write such a thing or input to it that would be great and please get in touch.

  5. Transition Scotland Support – 2 new posts.

    Transition Scotland Support works with communities who want to use the Transition model to lower their carbon footprint and increase their resilience. We are looking for two community development workers to work in depth with local people to develop their vision and practice.

    This is an exceptional opportunity to help support and energise the gathering movement towards grassroots generated sustainability in Scotland. Ideally the workers will be Edinburgh based, but we will consider exceptional applications from elsewhere in Scotland.

    The closing date for applications is the 19th of December.

    Details here

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