Posted by: Mike Grenville | 26 October 2008

Waltham Forest takes its first steps

Mullers on the edge of Epping Forest in east London held a lively first public meeting on Saturday 25th October.

Over 30 people turned up to the Walthamstow Quaker Meeting House for a morning of information featuring displays by local groups, the film ‘Power of the Community’, and a lively presentation & discussion hosted by Mike Grenville from Transition Forest Row.

And commitment, innovation and passion flowed from a further 30 who attended an afternoon of teaming which focussed on “taking action to build a transition community”. Five themes emerged around food, energy, transport, economy, and creating inclusive community networks with a focus on highly localised interests. A number of follow through actions from each are planned over the next few weeks.

A geographic mapping exercise at the end of the day suggested that there is definitely one, and potentially two, transition communities with the ability to gain enough critical mass to emerge soon.

It is fitting that this groundbreaking event was held less than 1/4 mile from the home (1848-1856) of William Morris, one of 19th century’s most creative and visionary individuals who led the way as an architect, furniture and textile designer, artist, writer, and socialist.

The use of open space technology was viewed as so effective at releasing energy and follow through action that a large residents association has decided that its AGM in November will adopt a similar format.

More information from Transition Communities in Waltham Forest:

Paul Gasson



  1. […] Waltham Forest takes its first steps […]

  2. Good Luck .
    I moved from Waltham forest to Hastings 11 yrs. ago and have been involved in setting up “Transition town” here .
    With all the recent problems over the William Morris galley it is good to hear positive news.
    love and best wishes Carol

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