Posted by: Mike Grenville | 24 October 2008

Transition Talk Training

talk in Forest Row by Mike Grenville

Tuesday 25th November – Bristol

This is a one day course in how to give an effective talk on Transition, aimed for people in a Transition Initiative to help them raise awareness and draw other groups into the process.

With Sarah Pugh and Nick Osborn

It’ll cover Peak Oil, Climate Change and the mechanics of Transition, along with the subtler subject of the inner transition we all need to go through if we’re going to reestablish an harmonious relationship with the planet.

By the end of the training day, you’ll be armed with a solid presentation that you can adopt to your own style, a set of facts and figures to underpin your talk, an understanding of some of the deeper aspects of transition, and a new level of confidence to deliver the presentation with flair, authority and maybe a bit of humour too.

(limited number of concessions available)

email for a booking form.



  1. Help please! How can we find out the programme of future Transition training courses? Members of Transition West Berks have been waiting for over a year for a place on a Transtion training course and by the time we find out about them they are fully subscibed. TWB is floundering at the moment and we need to ‘get professional’. Hope you can advise.

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