Posted by: Mike Grenville | 24 October 2008

Transition Movie Adds A Slow Soundtrack

We’ve had an amazing response from people who want to get involved with the Transition Movie.  Some are professional film makers, some amateurs and some brave souls who’ve never done any filming before.  We’ve also had graphic designers and animators wanting to create idents and title sequences.

This is the first hurdle nimbly navigated!  Hardly any suggestions came forward as to what stories/projects would be good to be filmed though.  So we went digging.  We’ve been through all of the initiatives’ websites and probed around for exciting things that are happening in Transitionland.

History Of Transition

So far we will be covering a brief history of Transition with footage from Kinsale;  a few Totnes projects; a logo designing story in Bell, Australia; Crediton’s plastic bag free launch;  the Lewes pound; One Mile Herbal Apothecary in Stroud; and hopefully stories from the Isle of Man, Massachusetts and New Zealand.  Plus some lyrical postcards from Penrith in Cumbria and Howick in the borders.

We still need a strong transport story/project and a good energy project.  Since these are possibly the biggest contributors to peak oil and climate change they really need to feature quite highly.  So if there’s something going on in your area that we don’t know about, please be proud and show it off to us.  Some suggestions…a car share scheme; a walking bus; a community wind generator; a powerdown day…

There’s also an orchard planting project happening in Llandeilo, Wales in November that we would like someone to film.  Are there any budding film makers in that area who are keen to give it a go?

A Good Soundtrack

All good films need a great soundtrack.  We’ve asked the band Slow, from Bristol, if we can use their track called ‘Seeds’ which pretty much sums up where we’re at.  It begins with the line ‘They’re going to switch it all off, and everything stupid will stop.’  And ends with’ ‘And you’ll have to open your door and make friends with people you’ve always avoided before.’  It’s very funny and Marvin from Slow has very kindly let us use it for nothing!  You can listen to it on their myspace site.  If you’re a composer or know a good one or know of any other great tracks that we might be able to use for free then let us know.

The training course that we were going to provide has been put on hold due to low numbers.  We’re taking this as a good thing.  It means you don’t need any training!

Pooh Corner

Filming has already begun in and around Totnes.  We’re following a very hush hush project…more of that when it’s public knowledge.  Chris has been following the progress of a garden share.  It’s a beautiful secret garden behind high walls.  And the woman who owns it is Christopher Robin’s widow.  Our very own Pooh corner!

More Passionate Voices Needed

Emma has filmed a Transition Training weekend.  It was a moving weekend and very inspiring.  We’re now looking for someone who wants to feature in the film doing a Transition training weekend.  Maybe you’re the main initiator of Transition and are close to qualifying…if so please get in touch!  This is a key story for the film because it gets across the commitment and leap of faith that is required to get things off the ground.  Many people who watch the finished film will be mulling it over and this story might just be the one that persuades them that they too can create transition in their local area.  So if you have a Jamie Oliver knack of turning your frustrated apparent obstacles into inspiring solutions and you’re building a team of core people this could be your opportunity to shine.

This film is a unique opportunity to tell the world about transition.  What we need now is strong and passionate voices to come through.  We don’t just want to film lots of meetings and events and hope for the best…we need to find stories and people that can tell us what Transition is all about and what being in transition personally means.  So don’t be afraid to be in the spotlight.  Who are you not to shine!

Helpline: 01803 863928 mornings only

Emma Goude



  1. Transition Denver is close to applying to be an official initiative….I am the catalyst and would love to be involved in the movie….I have a camera. Would just need to find a committed crew to film it….I will ask here in Colorado…any ideas you have or insights would be most appreciated….come check out the Transition movement in Denver, Colorado, US at

  2. I’m videotaping the Training in San Francisco this weekend, 12/7/08. I’ll have a Canon HV20 and some wireless mics. In what video format are you shooting for your production? 24p? I can shoot some HD footage if you want. Final outcomes are to be a 5 minute edit and footage that is compatible with other projects in the works, such as yours.

    Thanks for your efforts! Any shot lists, desired topics, or advice on shooting the training (which will be my first) is greatly welcomed.

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