Posted by: Mike Grenville | 24 October 2008

Starhawk: Holding the Vision

Starhawk: Holding the Vision

Personal and Group Transformation for Transition Towns.

Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th December

9.30 to 5.00


Hold the Vision. A two day workshop exploring the following

  • Techniques for overcoming fear, find our inner compass to guide us in making decisions, and come away with renewed clarity and energy for the work.
  • How do we create groups that are warm, welcoming and that value people? And in those groups, how do we make decisions, facilitate meetings, and confront complex issues together?
  • Conflict, handled well, can energize a group—or it can tear it apart. In this segment, we’ll explore social permaculture: what are the group norms and agreements that can diminish conflict and when it arises?, how do we transform it into creative energy? How can people earn authority in our groups, and how do we hold them accountable in supportive ways? What tools do we have for dealing with difficult people? What’s our group story, and how do we give it not a happy ending, but a vibrant continuation?

Starhawk draws on decades of experience as a leader and teacher of earth-based spirituality, a permaculture designer and teacher, and an outspoken political activist and organizer. She is also author of many books including ‘The Fifth Sacred Thing.’

Following on from Starhawk’s visit to Totnes, Machynlleth and Bristol this summer this training has been developed in response to some of the challenges arising in Transition Towns across the country. The one day training we held in Bristol uncovered the tip of the iceberg and this course promises to go deeper into the solutions and approaches needed to achieve the potential of Transition Towns.
Cost: £50 to £35 on sliding scale.

To book: Please email for a booking form.

Please book early to ensure a place.



  1. Hello – where will the workshop be held please?

  2. Will this training be videotaped and available for download? I can see every Transition Initiative in the world benefitting from this information.

  3. Am just finalising the venue – we’ve had to move to a slightly bigger one as the response to this training has been enthusiastic. Will let everyone who’s booked know where it is asap but will be within Bristol.
    Also – videoing the event – would be nice to get highlights and were planning to write it up and put photos. As its two days it might be a bit much as a video but if anyone wants to volunteer their filiming services we’re happy to go for it.

  4. I’m very keen to come to Starhawk’s workshop.
    Could you let me know how to book? Thanks

  5. I would love to come to this workshop! However, I will be travelling from the forest of dean. How easy is this venue going to be to find at 9am to someone who doesnt know Bristol tooo well?!! And has a venue been decided yet?
    Is there any chance you might be coming this way with your workshop? I’d be happy to help publicise it with flyers.


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