Posted by: Mike Grenville | 22 October 2008

Transition Network Structure Document

Transition Network Structure Document

Who We Are And What We Do…

Starting in Bristol in April, passing through many hands, being critiqued and pulled around, rewritten several times and now finally wrapped up at a meeting in Bristol a few weeks ago here it is.  Rob said that “It feels like it has been a major piece of thinking, drawing in many new and diverse ideas, and it has been a fascinating process to be part of.”

Since its initial emergence in Kinsale in 2005 and then Totnes in 2006, the Transition idea has spread virally across the UK and increasingly further afield, serving as a catalyst for community –led responses to these twin challenges. As the Transition network has grown, questions have been raised regarding how this emerging movement might structure itself, which this document, co-authored by Rob Hopkins & Peter Lipman, is the first formal attempt at answering.

We have already been seeing a structure emerging organically over the last two years and what is proposed in this document is based on a deepening and a supporting of this emergent model, on the principle that self-organisation, innovation and action are to be encouraged and supported where they arise, supported by a distinct set of principles and clear guidelines.

As well as clarifying the difference between the Transition Network Ltd and the Transition network (small n), it lays out how the Network supports Transition initiatives based on its 5 intentions being to: Inspire • Encourage • Support • Enable Networking • Train.

One issue which remains under review is that of membership and some of the issues associated with it are highlighted. Finally there is a fictional look into the future with a snapshot of the Transition Movement in 2011.

It will remain work in progress and be reviewed on an ongoing basis. Thoughts and comments on it are welcomed.

A lightly edited online version is here on Rob’s Transition Culture blog.

The whole document can be downloaded here: Transition Network Structure Document



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  2. […] Transition Network Structure Document […]

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