Posted by: Mike Grenville | 22 October 2008

Norwich and Brixton – Unleashed!

The ranks of the unleashed has swelled to 5 now, with the Norwich and Brixton pioneers adding to Totnes, Lewes and Forest Row list. Rob Hopkins is the official “unleasher”, but was suffering from gastric flu, so Ben Brangwyn, just back from a wonderful honeymoon, had the privilege to stand in for each of these stunningly heartening events.

Photo by Amelia Gregory

Photo by Amelia Gregory

After the event Ben said that “I’m convinced that these (and all the other emerging) fired-up transition groups have the best chance there is of seriously tackling our resilience and carbon issues, inspiring others and creating an environment where currently unelectable policies become electable (think: moratorium on road building, proactive economic contraction, happiness indices as political drivers, energy rationing etc).”

There is a comprehensive and entertaining account of the Brixton event thanks to Amelia here:

Lots of ideas were generated at the Brixton event which have been compiled here:
Brixton Unleashing visions. And there are photos of the event on Flickr from Graham Burnett and from Jody.

There is a video report of the Norwich event:

Congrats and kudos to all involved for their hard graft in cooking up their initiatives to “unleashing” point and for organising such stunning events.



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