Posted by: Mike Grenville | 22 October 2008

Newsletter Survey

Many thanks to everyone who responded to the survey. It was great to see the responses start to come in within moments of the newsletter going out! We had a good number of responses and many useful suggestions which we will try to absorb going forward.

So what did we find out. Firstly the geographical spread of respondents was interesting in as much it revealed the confusion we have over identity in this country. There was a split between those claiming to live in the UK and those who felt they preferred to be identified as being in one of the parts that make of the UK (and NI). Beyond that, we already have have readers around the globe.

A key question was what should be in the newsletter. 77.0% wanted the newsletter to include brief TT organisational info and main national events with a similar number wanting news reports from TT initiatives around the UK & World.  A bit over half wanted to include something about the main transition topic areas, wider issues as well as comment pieces.

As regards format, most people wanted brief content in an email with links to stories on a web site with almost no interest in a print version. While there was some interest in producing a template that could be used by local groups, it wasn’t enough for it to be a priority at the moment.

Many of the comments recognised the conflict between so much interesting news and being overwhelmed with information. With so much going on in the world of Transition, getting the balance right will be  a challenge and it will be a learning process to get it right for enough of you.

One good suggestion to keep the human flavour was to include a personal story from a different TT. There isn’t one in this issue so if you want to write one get in touch. Otherwise I’ll just be writing about my friends!

The best things in life are free and so is this newsletter with 55% wanting to be sure it stayed that way. However we wanted to have some sense of how it could be funded and around 20% would be prepared to pay a small amount to subscribe while nearly half would accept relevant ads to help fund it. Food for thought which means we are open to offers for consideration. As we don’t have an ad sales team so if you are interested in sponsoring an edition get in touch.

To be clear, the current arrangement is that the Transition Network have been able to come up with a small stipend to help me produce the newsletter for the next six months. We’ll be asking for your feedback again after a few issues to see where it goes from there once we have got it off the ground and settled into some sort of routine.

One key thing we need to do is to grow the size of the readership of the newsletter so please get your friends and contacts to sign up here:

Mike Grenville



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  2. Any further information about the 2009 transition conference – IE: date, location?

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