Posted by: Mike Grenville | 22 October 2008


With The Transition Handbook fast becoming a best seller, Rob Hopkins is extending an invitation to participate in the collaborative rewrite of The Transition Handbook.

There are a few books that I have read during my life that can be described as ’seminal’, that have prompted a great change in direction or thinking.  Some books that have had that effect include Fukuouka’s “One Straw Revolution”, Mollison’s “Permaculture”, Holmgren’s “Permaculture: principles and pathways”, the collected works of Joanna Macy and, on a slightly more mundane level, Joe Jenkins’ ‘The Humanure Handbook’.  I can now add another to that list, Charles Leadbeater’s book ‘WeThink’.  The implications of this book are vast, and its importance is something that I am only just starting to grasp.  Inspired by it, I am launching the rewriting of the second edition of the Transition Handbook, with those out actually doing Transition rewriting the book as a collaborative process.

What I am launching, and what I am proposing, is the next iteration of this thrilling collaborative process we are all involved in.  We have joined forces with who do a lot of work publishing wiki books and have pioneered the application of We-Think ideas to development and sustainability (not to collaboratively developing GM crops!!), and the Transition Handbook is now all loaded up and ready for your input.

Click here to take you to the contents page, and from there you can go to section where you want to make an input. What would be great would be for peak oil and climate change geeks to head for the peak oil section, those of you with psychological backgrounds head for the Head section, and those of you who are out there doing hands on work with Transition initiatives head for the Hands part.  If nothing else, head for Chapter 13 and tell the story of your Transition initiative, but ideally you will feed in your ideas, thoughts and any new tools you have found useful.

Although I will still retain the editorial overview, I am thrilled by the potential for this book to become a collaboratively written gem.  Everyone who contributes will be mentioned in the book.  This is either a completely mad idea, or an utterly wonderful one.  Let’s hope its the latter!!

Rob Hopkins

Read more of Rob’s thinking about this project here on his blog:



  1. Thank you for the welcome mat – and the path to it! I’m entering the process today, considering it an utterly wonderful idea.

  2. Happy to volunteer as a proofreader in the later stages, if required.

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